The Real Power Stones: The Mysterious Powers of Everyday Gemstones

In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, the “Power Stone” is one of six “infinity stones” that are remnants of a singularity that predated the universe, but are they real? Not quite, but we do have stones of real power right here on Earth, or at least a perceived power anyway. We call these real power stones “gemstones.” While gemstones are certainly not remnants of a singularity, they certainly are the remnants of God’s early creation of this rocky planet we call Earth. From times immemorial, these gemstones have been believed to possess both psychic and healing properties, making them powerful stones in their own right.

For centuries, mankind has been in awe of gemstones and they’re rare mysterious colors. As time went by these priceless gemstones became more and more valuable to those who could afford to wear them. One thing that made ancient civilizations and their wealthy leaders irresistibly drawn to gemstones, was not only there rare beauty, but also, the immense mystical powers ascribed to individual gemstones. They believed these power stones worked their magic by releasing positive energy, and thus even helped ward off negative energy physically, mentally, and spiritually. Much like Marvel’s “Infinity Stones,” these were the power stones of their time, being fixed to staffs and rings alike.

While some are considered precious and others semi-precious, powerful gemstones are rare crystallized minerals of the earth and each type possesses individual powers that have been explored by our ancestors for eons. There are tons of these real power stones, some of which will be examined next.



Jade has been considered a piece of priceless jewelry since the time of ancient civilizations. Apart from being a beloved adornment, jade’s energy is channeled to the third eye chakra. This powerful stone fills you with energies of prosperity and abundance. Jade is also an excellent source of wisdom and can help you make wise decisions in matters of your life. Jade also fills you with peace and a sense of purity, ridding you of all the toxic energies.



This gemstone derives its name from the Latin word for heavenly. Celestine provides heavenly soothing and stress relieving effects that can help you relax from all the chaos around you. This powerful stone will also help you to maintain a clear head even in the midst of conflicts. Celestite helps soothe anxiety and gives you enough strength to handle whatever life throws at you.


Abalone Shell

Considered as a medium between heaven and Earth by the Native Americans, this unique stone is known for its power of protection. Not only that, an abalone shell possesses healing properties, blocks negative energy and amps your sense of decisiveness.



Amazonite is a powerful gemstone that is suited for you, if you are wallowing in negativity, hurt, self-doubt, frustration or simply having a hard time letting go of the past. This power stone detoxifies you of all the negative energy and releases positive energy into your heart and throat chakras. It leaves you with clean energy and in a state of tranquility.



This beautiful gemstone named after its color’s likeness to the sky and the sea is a powerhouse of positivity. Aquamarine gives you a sense of closure. It also protects the psyche from dark energy, leaving you with only positivity and peace.



Bloodstone sends positive energy pulsing through you, especially when you are at an all-time low. This unique power stone fills you with energy, self-esteem, courage and protects you from negative vibes.


Black Tourmaline

This powerful stone is the ultimate when it comes to protection. Black Tourmaline Shields your aura from negative or dark energy. It acts as a boundary between your energy and others, to prevent you from picking the wrong energy. When placed in a room, this stone cleanses the room of all the negative energy and shields it from further dark energy. This gemstone offers protection, inspiration, and healing.



If you are stressed physically, mentally or spiritually, then, this powerful stone is for you. Amethyst provides a soothing and relaxing effect and is excellent for soothing stress at the end of every day. It prevents insomnia and also works with your third eye to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems.



This powerful gemstone is known as the “master healer” and for good reason. Turquoise offers physical, mental and spiritual healing. This fairly popular gemstone improves truth-speaking due to its powers as a throat chakra stone. It also offers healing and protection. In ancient times, it was seen as a bridge between heaven and Earth by the Native Americans.



This gemstone reinvigorates you with positive energy and sends negative energy back to its sender. Bronzite is perfect for shielding you from low energy and keeps you feeling optimistic no matter how turbulent your life is or whatever depressing circumstance you find yourself.



This gemstone fills you with the energy of the sun. With the energy of the sacral and solar plexus chakra, sunstone offers energy, vitality, and creativity. It rids you of negative feelings of self-doubt and nurtures the confidence, leadership and creative being in you.



This is the perfect power stone for you if you are in need of a little luck and charm. Carnelian stimulates your inner star and brings out the best in you, giving you a sense of power. It unveils the creative side of you and increases your confidence and energies of opportunity. With this power stone, you will feel like you can achieve just about anything!



Known as one of the most treasured stones in the world, the diamond is a powerful and strong stone that does more than just make you look good. It is often referred to as the “master healer”. It offers healing effects; cleanses energetic obstacles, intensifies thoughts and feelings.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is probably one of the few gemstones which have been held in mystical awe for ages. Clear quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind. It is one of the power stones that intensely resonate with the body. It amplifies the energy level in the body and provides balance and harmony between all chakras.



This powerful stone is great for repelling anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Fluorite offers tranquility by cleansing both your mind and the environment. This crystal absorbs and neutralizes negative energy around you. Meditating with or sleeping near fluorite provides a balance between the chakras and mental clarity.



Onyx is an optimism-inducing power stone that fills you with positive energy. Especially when it feels like your back is against the wall. Onyx helps you see the silver lining in any cloud. It offers balance and a sense of confidence.


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