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Thanks to their amazing effects and benefits, orgone pyramids are increasingly popular these days. Orgone pyramids are made from orgone, which is another name for the form of energy also known as Chi, Prana, Aura, Biomagnetic energy, Lifeforce, Reiki, Ether, or Odic Force.

This biomagnetic energy has featured in several ancient cultures and as a result, is known by many names. However, the knowledge of its effects and abilities are uniform across different ancient cultures.

The concept of orgone energy was propounded by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist. His idea was that organic materials attracted and possessed this orgone energy and it was possible to harness this energy to create beneficial effects.

Orgone pyramids are an aesthetic wonder, they are beautiful to look at and often contain a range of beautiful crystals.

Aside from the beauty, orgone pyramids are known for their ability to purify and convert destructive (negative) organic energy to pure (positive) organic energy, and also create emotional, physical and spiritual harmony. Generally, negative energy is life energy that does not flow properly. Thus, it becomes stagnant and negative.

What are orgone pyramids suppose to do anyway?

With their increasing popularity, it may be right to ask what exactly orgone pyramids do.

Negative energy emanates from technological devices like microwaves, TVs, mobile phones, and machines. Disturbing events such as death can also generate negative energy. In sum, everything in this world emits some form of energy and as humans; we are sensitive to these energies. Thus, it is necessary to convert all the incoming or surrounding negative energy into pure positive energy in order to create balance around us. It is at such times that an orgone pyramid comes in handy.

The effects of orgone pyramids vary from person to person, but it has generally been acclaimed that they possess immense healing and rejuvenating properties. A good number of people have reported a tingling or hot sensation when their hands come in contact with the tip of their orgone pyramids. An orgone pyramid is a device that gathers all negative energy, transform it and re-emit it in the form of a positive and revitalizing energy.

Exactly what are the benefits of having an orgone pyramid in your home?

The benefits of orgone pyramids are endless. This is why they are increasingly becoming popular in every home. Orgone pyramids are known to:

  • Clear Negative Energy: Negative energy can cause ailments and diseases. An orgone pyramid recycles this negative energy into a positive one, thereby providing health and vitality.
  • Neutralize EMF Radiation: EMF emits from microwaves, phones, electrical grids, cell towers, and others. This can be very harmful to the body. Thankfully, an orgone pyramid completely neutralizes this radiation and protects you from its harmful effects.
  • Improve Insomnia: If you have difficulty sleeping, simply place an orgone pyramid under your bed or a flat orgone pendant under your pillow and enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Aids Meditation: If you love meditating, then an orgone pyramid is just right for you. Orgone pyramids help you create a stronger and powerful connection during meditation.
  • Ward off Nightmares: Nightmares are often a result of bad energy. Since orgone pyramids help dispel negative energy, it helps you to sleep better and experience lucid dreaming.
  • Ease Stress: Due to their energy, orgone pyramids are ideal for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Cleanse The Atmosphere: orgone pyramids cleanse your immediate environment by emitting positive energy.
  • Detoxify Water And Improve Plant Growth: The energy of the orgone pyramid helps detoxify water. This makes it safe for drinking, and also helps improve plant growth.
  • Helps In Spiritual Growth: The positive energy provided by orgone pyramids enhances the ability to concentrate during meditation and consequently, promotes spiritual growth.
  • Adorn Your Home: Apart from their healing properties, orgonite pyramids are made with absolute care. They are an aesthetically valuable and stunning device that can be used to beautify your home. Not only do they emit positivity but add to the overall beauty of your home.
  • Repel Pests: Users have reported that the energy emitted by orgone pyramids also repel pests and keeps your home pest-free.

Orgone is available in a range of shapes and sizes, while portable orgone pyramids are available in the form of bracelets, lockets, and small stands. The most common form is a stationary type of pyramid. You can also collect and place orgone in your car, handbags or simply place it beside your bed.

If you want to repel or recycle negative energy to positive energy, an orgone pyramid is the best device to achieve that!


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